Biscayne National Park question

Does anyone down there in So. Florida know if we put in at The National Park and paralleling the shore heading north can get a good out and back day paddle ?

We have been there before, and paddled out to Elliott Key and Old Rhodes Key, but have never headed north.

Also if there are any other places that you can direct us to in that general vicinity it would be much apprerciated.

We will be in that vicinity for five days starting the end of next week.

We have never headed to Miami since we figured it would be to urban for us, but perhaps some of you locals can tell us otherwise.

Thanks in advance,


The trip north is great for fishing, but not too much for sightseeing. You’re paddling miles of mangrove shorelines, and not much else.

The trip to lliot and Old Rhodes, and AT them, is better, IMO. You can do a trip south of the park on the southern extremes of Biscayne Bay -chack out Florida Bush Paddler’s siter at

and drop Charlie a line. He’s a really nice guy and paddler, knows a LOT about South Florida paddling, and if he has the time, will give you good answers. Why might he NOT have the gime?

Well, he’s a law-yah… AND an accountant. ANd it’s coming up on busy season for accountants…

But if you go to the website, you’ll see a lot og good places to

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

Thanks Frank
Looks like some good info.



Biscayne NP
It is mostly mangrove shore line with small creeks and shallow bays. Lots of birds and fish. There is a creek that goes into a beautiful lake at Chapman Field and a place to get out. Also Deering Estate, Matheson Hamock, Chicken Key and Snapper Creek. I think it is a nice trip.

I’ll copy this and take it with us.