bit the bullet

and ordered a lendal double torque 194cm with the fusion XTI blade, 30 degree offset. I hope to use it for surfing and if chance grants me the opportunity a white water trip or two this summer. I got it in the 4-piece paddlok design. Looking forward to giving it a try.

Let’s know what think. I was interested last year when I was looking for a packaway (travel) paddle. But, they didn’t seem to carry anything shorter than a 194. I would love a 180 range.

Will be traveling with Onno TAP WW/Surf 185cm.


194 seemed the right length for me,
I’m just beginnin really with whitewater and surf, having done both with borrowed equipement. So maybe 194 is alright for now. looking to get a white water boat too, not sure if i’ll still get a surf specific kayak. For kicks you should check out the pyranha forum. The pyranha guy there is claiming that pyranha has championship paddlers who used pyranha ww boats for surf competitions in the uk. I suppose if someone were very very skilled it wouldn’t matter what kayak they used. But i’m not that good!

Riot Techno

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That boat would fit you and it can surf and play. This may have been the last boat that Corran was involved with at Riot. Note the rails in the pics:

One of the NNE Surf Kayakers is avid white water and surf kayaker. He has a techno and claims it's one of the best white water boats he's ever surfed.

Other than that, I would go with a Necky, either a Switch or Zip. Both has nice sharp chines for surf and has playability.


see the problem is
I can get a deal on a pyranha, meaning I’m cheap. But I may look at a used riot!

“Cheap” = “Used Boat You Want”
“Money blown” is getting a boat that doesn’t suit your purpose(s). :wink: