Bit the bullet

Ok, so I’m fed up with poorly fitting packs. After this last solo trip, my goal is to only single portage. Hopefully, the FR Bushcraft pack I ordered will help. I’m going through all my gear and downsizing. Any suggestions are appreciated.

inherit a fortune
ounces become very expensive when you try to lose a few from your stove or tent or sleeping gear or whatever.

I just keep my eyes open for newer lighter gear than I have, and “spend up” when I find something a bit lighter, that I’d like as well as what it would replace - check out some of the light weight backpacking forums for ideas. Don’t buy anything from Cabelas - there is a reason they don’t list the weights of items - its all way too heavy for my taste - only buy stuff that has published specifications so that you can compare the weight. It is really an ongoing process with me, not just a one time effort.

cut down some on your food if you can, especially if you tend to bring some back at the end of the trip. I don’t like to be stuffed at the end of a meal - just eat enough to be satisfied.

I use a jetboil stove - the only other stuff I bring for eating is one lexan spoon, a plastic coffee cup, and one small Zip-Lock plastic storage container for food. no extra pots or pans, no extra utensils, no soap (just rinse with hot water)

Cabelas XPG
The Cabelas XPG 2p is listed at 2 lbs, 12 oz. I saw a packed one at the store, and it is compact and lighter than a my of my current tents. Who makes Cabelas tents? I’m thinking Kelty. Anyone tried this tent?

Bushcrafter Small
The Bushcrafter fits my torso very nicely. However, I don’t think it’s big enough to single portage. It would be especially hard during the cooler months when more clothes are necessary. I’m surprised its not a little bigger.

tried NRS
waterproof bags with shoulder harness ? comfy on a short walk.