Biting insect forecast for Maryland

OK all of you prognosticators. I have had to reschedule my trip to the DelMarVa area from the first of May to the 14th.

One year I was there through Memorial Day weekend, and had no insect problems. Would anyone care to forecast what mid-May will be like for green-heads and skeeters?


Could depend on weather
I worked at Assateague for 3 and 1/2 years and I would say that the bugs weren’t that bad in mid-May unless it got hot early or you ventured into the bushes on bay side. The water was usually pretty bug free that time of year. Same goes for Janes Island (one of my favorite paddling/camping areas). You should probably avoid Blackwater wildlife area anytime from May to October unless you apply insect repellent liberally.

try Tangier
If you’re starting at Crisfield, consider taking the ferry to Tangier, or Smith Island. TONS of great paddling in the salt marshes, great seafood in the towns, and a chance to check out communities that are like none other. These people have lived in the middle of the Chesapeake since just after Capt. Smith recorded the all the beauties of the Bay. (And the bugs won’t bother you at all on that open water crossing!)

Children as tick fodder
Now THAT would be a grade B horror movie! No children coming, just have to schedule around school stuff. Sounds like the ponies on Assateague could use flea & tick collars. Mike, your warning has been noted.

Tangier Island is on the to-do list. Have read much, and am fascinated about the possibilities. Thanks.


Tangier Island
Trip reports from previous crossings to Tangier:

And some photos from 2003 not in the above 2 trip reports:

If you haven’t been to Crisfield in a few years, the condos going up around the harbor is going to be a shock…

I think this year we are going to cross to Smith Island, but I’m still in the very early planning for that. For anyone planning a Tangier trip feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



I loved reading about your trips to Tangier!

I feel I should mention that the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) is not so hated in Tangier as it once was, when locals clashed over the CBF’s push for legislation that would restrict their traditional way of working. You can still see one sign in the harbors asking visitors not to support the CBF, but there seems to be really only a small contingent (1) of Tangier Watermen that really hate the CBF.

CBF has facilities on Smith Island, Fox Island (the old hunting lodge) and the “East Pint” (that’s “East Point” in Tangier-ese) where they run educational programs. There are several Watermen that are actually now CBF employees, piloting vessels for the groups of students and educators that visit the sites. They are an immeasurable wealth of knowledge for people who care enough to ask them about the Bay.

If you get the chance, next time you are in Tangier stop by Port Isobel (the CBF facility on the East Point)and talk with the CBF personnel there. It’s an incredible place.

Thanks for your links. I have visited your site many times over the past couple of years and thoroughly enjoy your writing. I might just make it to Tangier Island this year, but I doubt that either this land-locked kayaker or my friends should entertain the idea of an actual crossing from Janes Island. When it comes to salt water, we are just occasional dabblers.


no doubt about it…
…biting insects suck.