Bjorn Thomasson plans/designs

If anyone has built one of his boats would you please help me out with some input to a few questions?

  1. Are his plans detailed enough for a first time builder provided I’ve done reading and studying prior to starting?

  2. Is everything in metric? If inches are they decimal inches?

  3. How avialble is he via email or telephone?

  4. If you have built one, which one, and what do you think of it?

    I “FELL IN LOVE WITH IT” the second I saw some pics of his Hunter. The first time that has happened to me with a BOAT!

    Thanks everyone.

Haven’t built
Might if I ever get space. Some thoughts on your questions:

  1. Are his plans detailed enough for a first time builder provided I’ve done reading and studying prior to starting?

    If you condiser all the info he has online, I’ve got to think the plans are quite good. You can get books and a lot of other info inline as well to supplement and give more tips and techniques.

  2. Is everything in metric? If inches are they decimal inches?

    I hope so. Metric is FAR easier to build - scale up - etc. I built my SOF off 1/20 scale drawing. 1mm = 2cm. Easy to take any measurement anywhere on the drawing and take it to the boat.

  3. How avialble is he via email or telephone?

    Why don’t you just send him a message and see?

  4. If you have built one, which one, and what do you think of it?

    If I were to, for what I like to do: Njord - no contest. Combines the best of two of his best. Go back to #3. Email him about what you want the boat to do, where, and what size you are and he can tell you if what you like online is really what you’ll like on the water. A friend really like the Hunter too - and was steered to something else.

I talked to him about the hunter and it was recommended that I look at the Njord also. I have a rolling boat so the Black Pearl was not an option so i was looking at the Hunter and he definitely recommended the Njord over it.

Lots to like. touring speed, ease of rolling, great reasons as to why he built it. if you do decide to build one, and want to do another I would be a probable client.


a prediction
I think that QCC will bring a Njord like boat to market to address the growing population of Greenlandic paddlers.

If you look at the Njord you have to admit it looks like a QCC with a low back deck…

Think of the Njord in ultra-kevlar with QCCs attention to detail----would you want one?

Stop copying my posts! L
I said as much recently. From 7/25:

"If I could only have one kayak right now - designed by someone else - it would probably be a Njord by Björn Thomassen, which is sort of like a QCC meets OI hybrid in many ways, but narrower, and lower volume:

Now all I have to do is talk QCC into licensing the design, doing custom bulkhead placements, and using VCP or KajakSport hatches. Hmm, back to my other plans… "

It would be a cool production hull - but QCC still needs some work on hatches and skegs - stuff that could kill a boat like this. I also think they have their plate pretty full just doing what they’re doing. If any other makers are looking at something to compete with OI LV rolling friendly trend this would be a good candidate.

my apologies
but some things need inculcation.

I still shake my head in wonder thinking about a kevlar Njord…and yes with Kajaksport or Valley hatches how sweet it would be.

I’ll sign up for one of those too. Peter Strand starts my qajaq soon so after that I’ll be scanning the horizons for the next boat…polly Anas, kevlar Njord, but i still dont have a double on the rack :frowning:

How is the Njord…
…even remotely “Greenlandic” in style? Give me a break!

from his website:
“Njord is loosely based on the east greenland kayaks, mainly the one depicted in the American Museum of Natural History (fig 208 i “the Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America”). While no replica - strip instead of SOF, raised deck to create room for gear, less overhang etc - I have strived for an overall feel in handling that is close to the original.”


looks like is not trying to say it is greenland design, just that that is where he started before modification.

If that’s the criteria…

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...ALL kayaks would be "Greenland" kayaks, unless the designer started with Aleut designs. It seems that medicineman read more into B.T.'s description than was there. Other than being a kayak, there's nothing about the Njord that could be described as "Greenlandic" or "Greenland inspired".

Performance, not style
Read Björn’s detailed writeup about it’s development and intended use.

Do you say the same thing about the OI not being even remotely Greenlandic? I wouldn’t disagree if all you care about are long overhangs, hard chines, and looking like a seal hunter.

Once you change construction methods you have more options on form to achieve a given function, and can use those options to advantage. Neither kayak needs to look like a Greenland qajaq. Easy enough to build a SOF for that.

No one’s selling it as "Greenland"
But obviously some component of Greenland style paddlers find it interesting as it’s a lot more LV and layback friendly than most (if not all) touring designs currently out there.

Not all of us are fans of G-Style out of some desire to go native. The cultural/historic aspects are very interesting, but mostly I like Greenland gear and techniques because they WORK! The Njord looks like it would work well with GP/Greenland techniques too.