BLACK BART paddle repair ????

hope someone can help.

ive had a carbon fiber black bart that has an oval shaft that has been busted for some time. i really need to get this fixed and can not find anyone to do it. at least not anyone that has an oval replacement shaft. ive tried ZRE and wenonah and can t seem to reach blackbart. i think they are no longer in biz.

thank you in advance.

How about fixing the existing shaft
Is the break at or near the blade/shaft connection or is it higher up. Is it a complete break or a crack. It may be possible to sleeve the shaft or otherwise reinforce the break area with CF. A photo or 2 would help.

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sorry to hear that about the guy.

it is a complete break. near the bottom. but, i dont think the owner wants it 2 or 3 inches shorter.

thanks yall…ill figure something out.

Send me a private email
I may be able to help you.

Marc Ornstein

Dogpaddle Canoe Works

Black Bart a seperate company or one of Barton’s paddles?

Used a ZRE shaft with my original hand grip and paddle. shaft is oval at the end and fit right on the paddle plug.

Was a separate company
Bud Moll was the owner and paddlemaker of the Black Bart paddles. I wish I had managed to obtain a couple more of those superb sticks prior to his untimely demise with a black bear in the U.P. of Michigan.

Bud was cool
He remade one bent shaft paddle for me twice because I wasn’t happy with it…I don’t complain often and he was an absolute pleasure to work with.

I feel very lucky to have two of his Troublemakers; for me these are by far my favorite paddles of all time.

I believe his family said that they will no longer make BB paddles in honor of Bud, so if you fix your paddle you will be honoring Bud and his family would be pleased.

Bud was the real deal and I’m sorry that I’ll never get to meet him.

Black Bart Paddle Co.
Black Bart died in 2004, ending his paddle co. As far as we know, no one else can do a decent repair, especially for the shaft (he was the world’s expert in the manufacture of carbon fiber paddles; repairs require such expertise).