Black Bart Paddle


I was given a Black Bart paddle. I have a buyer for the paddle, but have no idea its worth. Can you please tell me where I can get information so that I can ask a fair price?



– Last Updated: Sep-16-14 3:08 AM EST –

Hopefully experts will come but I'm not finding much online other than they aren't made anymore and I found an old listing from 2010 asking $90 for a carbon BB paddle.

$150 seems to be well tolerated for
Black Bart paddles, judging from the few I’ve seen listed in the last 10 years, if the condition is excellent. I’ve seen them sold for around $200. I’ve never used one.

I’d top out around $120 if its in very good condition. I say that because you can find 8-10oz ZRE’s for $160-200 on the used market semi regularly, so I’d put the BB a little below that.

Depending on condition & weight
I think you might look at $150-$175, if it is a straight (zero competition); perhaps a little less if it is a bent, as Zav is still out there.

Bud Moll made a number of different styles and weights. I have one of his Black Bart paddles in a straight shaft,and it is substantially more durable than my Zav; it is my everyday “go to” paddle. I had another one on order prior to his untimely passing.