black bart replacement?

Does anyone know of a currently produced symmetrically faced STRAIGHT shaft carbon paddle that has the same or more blade surface area than a Black Bart Troublemaker? I have a couple of ZRE’s and that don’t quite work for my paddling style; the Black Bart is great and have friends who love to have a paddle like the Bart.

Also, does anybody have any feedback regarding the durability/reliability of the Mitchell(Bell) “Surreal(Voodoo)” ?


Can’t speak for the Sureal
but the Mitchel whitewater paddles are as tough as they come.

have you tried ZRE Straight shaft …
I know you said you have some ZREs and they don’t work for your style. Is that because they are bent shaft? You can get most of their paddles with a straight shaft. The outrigger paddles have a very wide blade (over 9 inches). The rec paddles only go to 8.75 but are extremely durable.

Have a ZRE straight (Z light)
and at the time it was purchased, the Z models were all that was offered in straight. I see in the website that the OR’s can now also be had in a straight. Will check them out.

Thanks for the heads up!

Have you chosen a new paddle yet?