Black Dog Kayaking Co. Ripping ppl off

I placed an order MONTH ago with Black Dog Kayaking Co. for a few clothing items. They only sent me part of my order, but charged for the whole thing, claiming the remaining items would be sent when they were in stock. I have never received them and I sent an email and was told they would look into it. Thats the last I heard, I have send two follow up emails and gotten no reply. It’s bad enough to rip people off, but then to simply ignore the problem is pretty cowardly. At this point I have given up on getting my item or my money back, but I just want people to know that this is a dishonest company with questionable business ethics. Call me old fashioned, but stealing from strangers is just not cool.

Have you
contacted your credit card company? They will get involved in this type of dispute.

A month is not a long time for an order
to be filled. I suggest you cool your temper and wait.

They wait for orders too
Chances are, the stuff you ordered is made by a completely different company than Black Dog, and they may be waiting on orders too. I’ve waited a whole lot longer than a month in some cases.

Some companies will delay charging your credit card until the item you want is available to be shipped, but they are under no obligation to do that, by the same logic that some other companies will require full or partial payment from you before even placing a non-stocked item on backorder.

Also, not answering every single email is par for the course these days. Email makes it so easy for people to make comments and ask questions that the volume is high, and by necessity, many must be ignored. They probably feel like they’ve answered your questions and that nothing will be gained by repeatedly telling you the same thing, that the the items will be shipped as soon as they are available.

It’s too early to start bad-mouthing the company.

I had to wait over two months
For my local kayak dealer to get his order from NRS.

I hadn’t paid for my order yet and he knew I was free to buy somewhere else, that’s just how long it took for the vendor to supply him.

Black Dog Kayak orders
I placed an order from Black Dog Kayak in May of 2015 and paid in full. I never received my items and had PayPal follow up after receiving no response to numerous emails requesting a status. Black Dog Kayak gave fictitious USPS tracking numbers to PayPal. After a month of going back and forth, PayPal finally reimbursed me. I would NOT recommend purchasing anything from Black Dog Kayak until they get their act together. I was very disappointed