Black Flies in BW

So, just when do the black flies hatch in the Boundary Waters? I plan to go in on May 20 out of Snowbank Lake.

Papa Squirrel

Under normal weather patterns black fly season should be later then May 20. If I were going May 20 I would not be concerned about black flies. Normally, you should be ahead of them and mosquitos. I’ve run into them as early as May 28 and as late as the second week of June. They can be here and not there, you never know. Personally, I just wear a shirt with long sleeves and a collar, long pants, and a hat with a Deeted bandanna hanging out from the sides and back. My wife wears a head net instead of the bandanna and adds light cotton gloves (she wears other clothing, too).

Just remember, even though they can be nasty they do serve the purpose of pollinating blueberry palnts.

One time, as a true story, we were in a few portages and some of the black flies got behind her glasses. She swiped at them and a lens popped out. It ended up on the bottom of a deep lake. For awhile it sat on the surface, but by the time I could reach (you know - that time stands still feeling) it had caught a wave and waved goodby. She can’t see without her glasses. The spare pair was back home on the kitchen table. We spent the night vto contemplate staying, but not seeing and outdoor cooking, privys, wavy scenery, etc she admitted it wasn’t worth it. The sounds and smells were still good. Returning portages were done by me and she was guided across them with her hand in my arm on my 4th trip across the portages. Then we got back to thew car and she couldn’t see to drive. It became my 650 miles.

Any time after May 25
My advice is if your trip extends past May 25, be prepared for them. The first warm day or two (above 70) of the season really brings them out. If it stays rainy or cold they hatch out later.

Fly Time!
Thanks for the info on black flies.

Papa Squirrel