Black Fly Season?

I am planning a week-long paddle in the Adirondacks in mid June. Am I out of my mind? Your opinions are welcomed, as are other location suggestions.

They were out early. They might be done by then.

Of course the mosquitoes will be out by then.

They both were out May 14-16 which is quite early.

BF are your friends. They keep out casual city campers.

NY state bird
The black flies did start early this year and the dragonflies hatched this past weekend, and peak will be passed by mid-June.

Get the bug coils for the campsite
Three year on the Allagash in June and I haven’t worn the dope yet.

4 coils, one on each corners of the site and your good to go.

No, just pick up a headnet…

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One doesn't venture out in mid-winter without insulation...the same for blackfly season travel = net-wise....and stuff for the arms, wrists, hands.
Wish the high-SPF sunscreen makers would team up with some of the non-deet fly-oil people to make just one thing we'd have to put on...I think one oil that would perform a couple tasks well would be great.

Bullfrog Mosquito Coast
Bullfrog Mosquito Coast is SPF 30 with DEET free insect repellent. I’ve bought it at Walgreen’s and some Midwest supermarkets. Also at Walmart but I don’t shop there except for the one in Salem, MO near the Current River - it’s the only supermarket option down there.


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Just got back from Little Tupper Lake on 6/20. Really not too many black flies or mosquitoes for this time of year. There seemed to be more around last August when we were there.

This should link to the “Black fly song”

Another Year…
We used the coils and no dope.

go to Wal Mart
there is a Repel stick that does both but perhaps not well.

Seems the stable flies are outperforming the bf and skeeters.

And the minges are doing well.

Bowhunting season for blackflies starts
2 weeks earlier.

Did you enjoy the Adks or count the blackflies?

Hey guu I am still counting
Maine is wussy country as far as blackflies go.

I should have known better. They are still out here. We are on the northern tip of Newfoundland. Labrador is 30 miles away. A warm and rainy summer has kept the brats coming.