Black Friday Deals - Independent stores with Paddling gear

I thought maybe I could highlight a couple of independent stores that are offering some Black Friday sales if anyone is looking for Christmas presents or whatever.

Currently, I’m aware of a few stores in Canada that have some deals on some paddling-related products.

Frontenac Outifitters - in Ontario
Aquabatics - in Alberta
Trailhead Paddle Shack - in Ontario


Our great indie outfitter in Pittsburgh, PA, Three Rivers Outdoors, also has some seasonal deals going on both in outdoor gear (including consignment used stuff) and in outdoor themed crafts (jewelry, toys, artworks) by local artisans.

I don’t think they do mail orders (small owner-staffed shop with a few employees) but I know there are some folks in my region that are regulars on this forum.

Aq outdoors has sales this week (Alberta) too! Not sure any others are having sales, but there are lots more independent paddling shops in Canada. I can list them if you want. But it seems you were just looking for ones with sales?

White Rose Canoe in Newbury MA is running a sale…Its an indy shop for canoeists only. We are fottunate in New England to have quite a few indy paddling shops

The Kayak Centre RI
White Rose Canoe MA
Charles River Canoe and Kayak MA
Contocook Canoe and Kayak NH
Collinsville Canoe and Kayak CT
Maine Sport Rockport and Camden ME
Epic Sports Bangor ME
Kittery Trading Post Kittery ME
We also have the usual Cabelas, LL Bean, Bass Pro, and a new REI

I haven’t checked each website for particular sales though

Thanks, @mogeton . Yes, I’ve already compiled a long list of Canadian paddling shops myself too. :slight_smile:

It’s just that it was Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, where lots of people tend to do online shopping and look for/expect lots of deals, so I thought I would highlight there were also deals to be found from the small, independent shops along with the big suppliers.

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