black Friday deals on racks anywhere?

I have an F150 and was looking for options to take at least 1 kayak (11.5 tribe) and 2 bikes while pulling a travel trailer. Any specials coming up?

The US Rack site is hard to navigate but the beachcomber rack is interesting.

Thought about 1 roof rack and the rack that protects your rear glass. That would spread the weight out and I could load from the bed. I don’t want my truck looking like a work truck all the time. Thoughts?



hitch mount crossbar
I have had friends who used this basic set up with their pickup trucks and even long wagons: a single crossbar, like from Thule, mounted as near the rear of the cab roof as possible and then a large T-shaped crossbar, like the Thule Goalpost linked below, that attached to the receiver of a trailer hitch assembly. With that they could carry one or two long kayaks or canoes but remove the t-bar when they didn’t need it.

A precaution with that method

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Your particular boat is hardly delicate, but remember that there's a fair bit of relative movement between the roof of your cab and any roof-high rack that's mounted to the cargo box. Every time you hit a bump, the cross bars will momentarily move closer, sometimes by more than three-quarters of an inch (you will never see that happen unless you make a genuine effort), and when negotiating uneven ground (something as simple as angling into or out of a steep driveway), the two bars will tilt relative to each other. Most newer trucks, especially four-door models with super-short cargo boxes, don't exhibit as much of this kind of movement as certain older models, but it's still enough that you don't want your boat tightly cinched to both cross bars, effectively converting the boat and racks into a structural member between the box and cab. I'd suggest leaving the straps on one cross bar a little bit looser so the boat can slip on its supports.

It makes a difference…

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what cab you have. I've a Silverado double cab and can tweak about 42" of bar spread on the roof of the cab. I use my old Yakimas and loading from the bed couldn't be easier. The bikes go in the camping trailer, protected by old blankets. I guess I could put them in the bed of the truck, but I'd rather not.
Check out Rack Attack, REI, etrailer, maybe someone is having a sale.
Maybe it would work for you!

look for used
I’ve bought virtually all my Thule rack components used on Craigslist or eBay as I’ve had to change them due to new vehicles. Never had a problem getting damaged or wrong parts and have generally saved 50% or more on new. Check the Thule site for the part numbers for your car or truck and then watch for the parts on both sites. The week after I bought my Mazda CX5 last year a guy on CL was selling the exact parts I needed less than two miles from me – a $350 rack and crossbar clamps set for $180. Got my “Stacker”, unused in box, for $40 two years ago on eBay.

My ex had a hardshell cap with rain gutters on his pickup and we mounted a standard Thule rack on the camper. Regularly hauled an 85 pound canoe and one or two kayaks on it. Plus having the cap gave us secure storage for the paddles, PFD’s and other gear. Caps are also cheap used, and easy to mount and remove.

I have a 2004 SuperCab. 6.5’ bed. Thanks for the input (all so far). I have been looking at different options for awhile and needed to step back. Gets overwhelming. I did not realize you could move the roof racks further apart. The videos I have seen make it seem like the racks are supposed to be a certain distance apart…33" comes to mind. That is why I was thinking of the rack that goes into the bed rail area just behind the cab and then one cross rail on the top of the cab…??? I have till spring to figure it out…when we go camping again.