Black Gold layup repair?

I’m selling my Bell Magic in ultralight race trim. When taking pictures of it, I discovered a ding near the front keel entry line. I don’t know when or how it happenned! the ding exposed the kevlar and pushed it in a little bit, the whole area is less than the area of a quarter. Anybody have experience fixing this, and other chips and scuffs in this layup? Can you suggest a good clear epoxy and will it fill in a small imperfection less than 1/4" deep?

Or should I just sell it as is and let the buyer make his or her own repair?


Another concept
I’d get VE resin for the repair, so future owners could use VE for patches, as we do not necessarily know which VE will bond to which epoxy.

Don’t use epoxy for any repair unless the entire boat is already epoxy…use V-ester resin…

Epoxy is the one repair thing that would stop me from buying a boat(unless it was extremely cheap)…once you use epoxy. in order to repair again, it needs to be all sanded off and replaced with V-ester or else you can only ever use epoxy…it limits all subsquent repairs.

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