Black Gold vs KevLight

I will be purchasing a solo canoe this spring. My first dilemma was choosing the model, I got some good feedback on that here and it helped me settle on a Merlin II. This will be my only solo for now but its designation in my fleet :slight_smile: is solo tripper. I trip in the Boundary waters, mostly lakes and mild current, a little very mild whitewater, plenty of rocks.

I need to settle on a layup. As I understand it BG will be stiffer and more abrasion resistant. Its also a couple pounds heavier than KevLight. I also understand that carbon is more brittle than kevlar. Does this become a trade off between impact and scratch resistance? The difference in cost isn’t enough to be a factor. Opinions please…

BG, no question
It is tougher, better engineered. Don’t even hesitate.

Where you gonna buy it?

The Black Gold layup uses carbon
outside for rigidity, and Kevlar inside to prevent or limit cracks and holes. By the way, the carbon is covered with a resin barrier, but don’t drag the boat. Once it wears through the surface resin, the carbon is NOT as hard as fiberglass.

That’s why I like the older ones. I love the looks of a gel coat boat.

BG is tougher
It’s the toughest Bell laminate that is lightweight. Not a question.

Good looks at the cost of increased
weight. That weight could be devoted, instead, to a single outer layer of E-glass or S-glass for really superior wear and hull strength.

I’ll be able to pick up a blem/demo at the ‘tent sale’ this spring.

Having had an UL Merlin II
once and not wanting to go back because of durability issues my vote is for the BG.

I have another boat in carbonfiber and kevlar and its proving much more durable.

The shape of the UL Merlin may be a little flatter bottom than the BG unless the process has changed to heat forming the foam panel in recent years.

BG hands down…
For my 180lbs…BG hands down.