Black Pearl in production

Quote; Above all we are happy to announce that Seabird will be producing Black Pearl, the worlds most famous Greenland style kayak by one of the best and most renowned kayak designers in the world. Björn Thomasson of Sweden has agreed to design a production version of this pearl for Seabird Designs. It will be available later this year.

Does anyone know the reason for the abruptly upturned stern seen on many of these boats?

Also, the cockpit needs to me made at least 32"x20", so I can get my cooler in there too… :wink:

Good to see another kayak like this hitting the market! Love to try it someday. For now though, I’m enjoying my new Tahe Greenland’s very much!!

Been looking at the plans for the Black Pearl online for awhile too though and had been thinking of building later…

Cheers…Joe O’

That’s not a Black Pearl…

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...the picture at the link looks like a doctored photo of an Anas Acuta (edges and chines highlighted for some reason). The BP is quite different as seen here on Bjorn Thomasson's site:

If the production boat is going to look like the photo at the link, it won't perform anything like a BP.

Been considering BP plans for a while…
It will be interesting to see what they come up with for the mass production dimensions. When ordering the plans, the individual’s body measurements are taken into account, so that the plans will produce a custom sized boat.

In any event, it should be one of the nicest production boats around, and I’m glad to see something like this made available for those who either can’t or don’t want to build their own.


you’re right
the picture is an Illorsuit;

Had a chance …
… to try to sit into a BP today but unfortunately, without chopping 1/2 a foot from my inseam that proved impossible -:frowning:

Looked great on the water though, while some others enjoyed it!

Should be good to see more of these boats available…

Here’s a Real One

That was the one …

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... with Bill paddling along side in something else while others were praising his kayak and taking turns in it.

As you know, the owner is probably a foot shorter than I, hence regretfully, I could not even lower my butt on the seat (toes forward under or over his foot bar, my heels still hit it and I had to give-up trying). So I had to console myself with trying his stiff surf paddle instead...

The boat does look nice and seems to paddle so as well.

I Squeezed In…
My legs are a bit longer than Bill’s but I made it in. Is that boat pretty or what? I do NOT beat my wife despite the ‘Larry the Cable Guy’ shirt I had on that day.

How could wind affect a low, lean boat like this?

Very fine looking kayak!! I like it!

Maybe I’ll Just Have To Wait
Very sweet looking qajaq. Nice lines.

Well, maybe I’ll just have to wait until this one comes out and try it before I go and get the Tahe Marine Greenland.