Black Polly Anas Acuta

Who might be interested in a black polly Anas Acuta? if so please e-mail Valley or use their on-line form…obviously trying to drum up enough support for them to at least think about it.

Why black?

Why poly?

Awfully sweet as it is.

Don’t think I would buy a black plastic boat, glass maybe but not plastic. Have to worry too much about it overheating in the sun, on the roof, on the beach, in the yard.


keep it wet
no temperature problems.

The world’s only black plastic long boat with an ocean cockpit…Now that’s a niche market. Interesting idea though. I understand you want a more traditional look and feel, but why plastic? So you can have an awesome hull design in a more accessible price range? Serious question here.


plastic acuta?
anyone wanting a plastic acuta should be shot at dawn.


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honestly it was a bit tongue in cheek. no shooting ok?

But I like the niche market idea. wonder how many would sell?

Meanwhile, I am saving up my pennies and my brownie points with the wife for a glass "cuta"

the perfect (for me) fleet:

1. SOF

2. Outer Island

3. Anas Acuta

4. Scupper Pro

Howzzat for covering all the bases for touring and play?

But honey..I only need one more boat..I already have everything else..Just the Anas Acuta and I swear I will stop for a while?



more accessible price range
is always a good thing. But I don’t really think a plastic acuta will be in the works… just talking…

Now if Valley would want to lower their prices on the glass one?


Which one in this fleet

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is the touring boat? OI?

PS By touring I mean overnight/camping

OI for overnight and up to three days. I can pack day hatch and stern with all cookware, clothing, tent, bag, and assorted gear.

Water in front of the foot pegs and food in the front. More slothing and water in the front too if needed.

It’s tight but again, I am a very minimalist camper.

Hennessy Hammock or tarptent depending on where going. (compresses to less than football for the hennessy or softball for the tarptent.

couple of trekking poles,

Snugpak sleeping bag (compresses to less than football)

MSR windpro with one canister with stainless steel two pot cookware and 10 oz french press (must have)

you get the drift. All in stuff sacks in dry bags and I have a waterproof backpack that it can all transfer to if I need to carry to the campsite.

Still experimenting with it all but will definitely be ready for fall! Plan on going out a lot!

**given the minimalist approach, I assume I will be able to similiarly pack the Acuta if I ever get it. I mean when…


you da man!

Here’s my current list:

Stripper OI

Cobra Expedition SOT

Guillemot S&G

Anas Acuta would be nice, but I don’t think I’ll fit. Thinking about; Force Cat4 or Aquanaut


Looking forward
to do some camping with you.

With the Nordkapp I do not have to be much of a minimalist, espresso machine, chair, grill, etc. are all part of my camping equipment.

You should have seen the amount of gear I managed to stuff in my boat when I went camping for one week in Fontana Lake.

Just packed the rear hatch

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trail sling ultralight sling chair
2 trekking poles
Hennessy hammock and tarptent
snugpak sleeping bag
granite gear small bag with cookset, stove, fuel, french press, 5 cliff bars, waterbag and pack towel.
still a little room left! probably could fit a crazy creek chair under it all.

Still have the day hatch and the front!

You take an expresso machine? I'm going with you!


I had an Outer Island out for a 3 day self sufficient trip. I actually packed about a week’s worth of food. All gear (backpack oriented) just fit. However, if I was to expect to kayak camp out of the same boat from spring thru fall here in Michigan, I’d need a boat with more room for the fluffy stuff. I’m sure the Acuta would be the same.


backpack oriented
you hit it on the head. Everything is backpack oriented which makes it easier to pack a smaller volume boat.


Don’t forget…
a couple rods and reels, tackle box, cast iron skillet, coffee bean grinder, wine, extra stove fuel, and MOST important a spare paddle…:slight_smile:

I guess I better get
an arctic tern then?


Or maybe that Legend I have been coveting.

Just don’t know if I can justify both the Anas and the Legend.


I Can Hear My Friends Now
"Get your black Anas out here and let’s go paddling!"

you are just not right. I did a double groan on tht one.


Sorry. I Can’t Help It.

I’d Buy It…

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if it's used and a good deal. Otherwise. it just screams "look at me, look at me!!!" Kinda like that car commercial... ;)