Black river falls, WI?

Has anyone fished black river falls area in Wisconsin. I have a family reunion up there this summer and if it is a good river for fishing I was thinking of going a day earlier and renting a kayak or canoe and try and catch some fish. I am hoping it is a good smallie river. Any info is appreciated, thanks


Probably good fishing
I’ve never been there, but I typed “Black River Falls fishing” into Google and got 8 bait & tackle shops immediately.

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I did the same search
I did the same search and saw its good for fishin as well, but i wasn’t sure if it is a big river or more like the upper potomac.

The last thing i want is to go out there and have to deal with jetskiers and water skiers ripping past me all day long.

Maybe our friends at riverssmallies would have some more input.

Probably would
Upper Potomac’s not a small river by my estimation.

Call one of the tackle shops.

I think there’s a few RS folks from out Wisconsin way who’d be happy to help.

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black river
the black river is good fishing just spent a week there this summer. Caught alot of small mouth. The water is black with tannin and it makes your line stand out so plan on low test.