Black Spruce Canoes


Has anybody ever heard of Black Spruce Canoes out of New Glasgow, Nova Scotia? I’ve tried looking for product reviews but can’t seem to find any. Maybe they’re new? Any feedback at all would be helpful.


The lack of response
speaks volumes.

Canoes by a local builder in Nova Scotia
might seldom reach buyers in the rest of Canada, much less the States.

You might try the reviews on, or post an inquiry there.

Disagree -

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Here in the northern US, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario are our next door neighbors. If there is a builder putting out quality boats in Canada, (and there are many), we hear about it.


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One can Google them, but they are mentioned generally and do not have a web site. I seem to remember Fiberglass canoes with keels, 45 year old technology, so....

There is the chance that a small, remotely located, old timey builder makes the best canoes in the world at a discount. The odds of that being the case are pretty scant.

Decent Value; but I don’t know
These are light, relatively well balanced strait tracking canoes. I have a V stern Hunter 15 model (new-to-me). The guy that built them operated in that area under more than one business name, has a bit of a reputation I won’t elaborate on, and has declared bankruptcy more than once; so the Lifetime warranty means nothing. He put out a run of them back in 2014 I believe then went belly-up again (can only speculate why, possibly to avoid paying creditors).

Can’t say it’s a great fibreglass canoe, I’m relieved I avoided picking one up new. My model is almost a 40" beam and is missing needed reinforcement for a canoe that wide. There are much nicer hand made fibreglass canoes to be found out there. Might cost you a little more though