Black webbing for web seats

Hello All,

I have made a couple of seat backs for our canoe and need the black material that is used in web seats. Is it available in a roll and where can I purchase it?

Thanks in Advance


Hold downs
I just did this last week on one of my old canoes.I used the black tie down straps that come with the foam block kits.They look like brand new

Pack Webbing
you can find it by the foot at most good outfitters or fabrick stores or on the net.

Here’s a tip:
I replaced the cane filler on one of my seats with nylon webbing. I wanted to making the webbing tight, without sagging as much as most of the webbing seats I have seen. So before I cut the webbing into useable lengths, I stretched it between two cars and let it sit that way overnight. I must have put at least six feet of stretch into a forty-foot length of material. It seems to have worked. Three years later, my homemade seat is still tighter than any commercially made seat I’ve ever seen.

You apparently have solved one of the inherent problems with nylon webbing used for seats. I would normally reccomend polyester web for wet applications, as it absorbs less water than nylon and stretches less when wet. Good idea!