Blackburn Challenge-V10 ski demo?

I’m racing in the Blackburn challenge on cape ann in two weeks and was wondering if there was going to be anyone there with a V10 that I could possible try?

Can’t help you with the demo
but it’s a great hull. Mine was one of the first of the China boats. The layup is gorgeous and the boat is strong and stiff, but there were minor QC glitches that had to be fixed (mostly a poorly-sealed venturi drain that leaked pretty badly). Overall I’m very happy with the boat.

There will be at least 2 there, if the paddlers I’m thinking of are still aboard their V-10s. You might wish to post to also, as some of the ski racers don’t frequent these boards.

I’ll be there also in my purple QCC. 'Hoping to try a V-10 sport (If I even want to look at another boat at the finish…)


last year- please need favor
Got a demo last year on a v10 after the race and he acted like he really wanted to sell. I love that race but my annual local race is that day. Please do me a favor. Hang around the beach until the plastic people finish and help them with their boat. Last year had to help 2 people who were really fried because they were much too tired to walk up to the shade. Congratulations to those brave souls who do that race, especially those in cheap boats that have no support crew. Make a friend for life and do something great for the sport. CARRY THAT PLASTIC BOAT UP THE HILL!!! doesn’t
have a message board as yet (but we’re working on it). You can email the site and have a comment/request posted though.

There is a growing group of surfskiers that race on Tuesday night’s out of Beverly (details on Most would be willing to let you try their skis. Models of skis usually there include:

Epic V-10



Fenn XT

Fenn Millenium

This past Tuesday
Did the Tuesday night group go elsewhere this past Tuesday? Junior was up with a ski I loaned him & couldn’t find anyone.

The tremendous weather
intervened and the race was cancelled. It was posted on the website and I thought Ed emailed everyone.

We paddled tonight and he was there with the speedster. He did really well on it.