Blackburn Design brochure & Blackhawk canoe brochure

Going through some of my old brochures, I found these 2. And as I have seen some interest in both of these companies, thought I would post these pic’s of both of these brochures, in the hay day of Freestyle solo paddling.

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As I am intested in Blackburn paddles, and Blackhawk canoes; I was happy to see the brochures. Thanks for posting them.

You don’t really need them, do you?
They just take up space you could use for important paper things.
Send me the brochures; I’ll send you some feathers.
I’d be “tickled” to have the brochures, and you could use the feathers to “tickle” yourself…

BOB :smile_cat: :scream_cat:

P.S. I actually own a Blackhawk Proem…

My wife tickles me enough as it is…haha. You do seem to be a diehard fan of both…which I think is awesome! As I am as well…made me sick when both of my NightHawks were stolen…haven’t been the same since. Miss those boats, and am tickled to find someone as yourself that still has a few. Wish I had known about your NightHawk with the pedestal. I have the custom Grade IV pedestal seat cover, and packs, that strap right into those canoes. Might get the fellows name you sold it to, should he ever decide to sell it.


Another source for Blackhawk canoes is Carl’s Paddlin in Lone Rock. Wisconsin. Carl has an amazing inventory of new and used canoes and he always has some Blackhawks.

Sounds good…might check him out…



While he does have a nice selection of canoes; bring lots of money!

Don’t know if it is factual or not, but heard it thru the grapevine that he was asking somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,500.00 for a Blackhawk Zephyr.

I’ve owned 3 different Zephyrs, and the cost of the three I bought was less than what he was asking for one. Supposedly the $2,500.00 boat wasn’t even kevlar.

One I bought needed a little cosmetic hull work to fill scratches, wood sanding, and a couple of doses of Watco.
Looked nice when finished.

A second one just needed a good scrubbing to clean up years of non usage, a light sanding of wood trim, and
and a couple of doses of Watco. Looked really nice after clean up job.

The third one was a garage queen; in pristine/like new condition. If I remember correctly, I bought it for $700.00.
There is a huge gap between $2,500.00 and $70.00.

P.S. Maybe the $2,500.00 buyer was a multimillionaire?
In that case, what he paid would be “chump change” to him.
Maybe the whole story is strictly hearsay; I don’t think it was.
Top to bottom  Blackhawk Starship, Ariel, and Zephyr

Canoes top to bottom: Starship, Ariel, and Zephyr.
Total cost of 3; under $2,500.00. :scream_cat:


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Have Grade IV pedestal, and cover too.
Wouldn’t bother me to have 2 if price was right… :scream_cat:

Did you get photos yet?
Bet you didn’t, and don’t know why?
Try me at


Thanks for posting these. I have not previously seen any literature on Blackburn paddles, though I have had and still have a few. In what years were the Blackburn brothers making paddles?

I would like to find a whitewater grade Blackburn.

For a while I was trying to understand how many lutra pro paddles were made. They are all quite fragile. I have seen about six or seven now in person. While they seemed to have gained better finish details (wood edge banding) over time (seen in 300s), my favorite is one from the 020s with a blade that is considerably bigger than the others. It also has better balance and a perfectly faired double dihedral. It is a perfect match to my body and my blackhawk shadow 13.

Here is a shot of my lutra pro s 2.5 248 32”, a great match for my size and the blackhawk starship also pictured

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I also have an S 2.5, but have never seen one of their white water models. I think they quit making paddles in the late 80’s to early 90’s. They started making more money doing store fronts. My Lutra is double dihedral, and never been used but a couple of times. Would love to find a Blackhawk 11’7" Shadow, or a 13’ Nighthawk with pedestal seat. Hard to find these days. May sell the Lutra, if anyone is interested? Good looking paddle.


Oh nice, very very. Nice.

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Send me a private message; want to talk to you about the Lutra.

No problem…but not sure you’ll want to buy it. Want give it away, and don’t have to sell. Was just thinking about selling to you because thought was going to buy a canoe from you. But can discuss it if you want to.


Bob…sent you an email…

Been using a pair of Blackburn paddles for it must be 40+ years. Been searching for a catalog for quite some time to post on the web for others to view. Too bad they gave up making paddles and switched to making birdhouses.

That’s for sure…I have 4 Blackburn paddles, and never seen better paddles. I’ve been looking for another Blackhawk small canoe for a while…hard to come by these day’s. Hoping to run across one soon.