Blackburn designs paddles

I have 2 mint paddles that I need a value for. Any ideas?

Where were they made?

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As for value, it's going to be in the eye of the beholder. If I fantasize that what you have is really excellent, you might ask $200 per paddle, but I don't think you'll get more than $150.

Blackburn paddles
No idea. They were my fathers. He bought them prob 30 years ago and never used them. They were in his barn in cases all this time.

A picture would be best, but can you
at least describe them? Are they laminated from many pieces of wood? What sort of grips are on them? Do the blades have reinforced tips?

Back around 1980, there was a small paddle making operation in Decatur, GA, called “Black____” something or other. They made both whitewater paddles and paddles for flatwater. I don’t know what became of them, but their paddles were very beautiful and looked like they might be durable.

uh Blackburn ?

Blackburn’s grow oil ? they make bicycle parts now ?

Rumor is one lives up the road

Logan Blackburn ?

URL malfunctions try

Blackburns were the to stick when FreeStyle paddling was nascent. The bent and straight S blades are worth about as EZ suggests. They made a superb little bladed cruising bent that is worth almost as much; all three having edged blades, comfortable offset grips, etc. Blackburn also made Sea-1 blades of lesser quality, maybe ask 125, settle for 75? Of course lengths will need to fit.

It was a blow when they ran the numbers and decided they’d make more money with less hassle building wooden bird houses; the first indicator that the intimate solo canoe gig was not going to be huge.

Best to post a description
regarding shaft length, blade size and grip style. Photos would be a great help also. Blackburn made various sizes and styles. I have two bent shafts that have large blades; primarily intended for tandem freestyle use.

Most Blackburn paddles I have seen were of superior laminated construction, however finishing was not quite “perfect”.

They are curved shafts roughly 53 inches long and laminated wood. They are beautiful. Grips are curved with a palm swell. I can email anyone pics. I don’t know how to post them.