Blackburn Newbie

My first Blackburn Challenge. I’ll be competing in Touring Class A. Does anybody have any tips or beta they’d be willing to share? Don’t worry about giving away your edge, I think I have last place pretty well locked up.


Don’t go out too fast,
at the start, Don’t be overdressed if its hot, have plenty of hydration, try to avoid shallow water as you head up the Annisquam River, leaving the Annisquam, be alert for submerged rocks if you stay close to shore, watch out for working lobster & fishing boats, find a good pace that you can sustain for 3 to 5 hours, keep your meal ticket in a dry place, remember sunscreen, consider wearing gloves, and have a great time!

I’d suggest getting a chart
and working out the compass heading for each of the major point-to-point crossings. Many people don’t go straight at all because they can’t see the next turn clearly. Be sure to enjoy the scenery too–it’s a beautiful paddle, esp. if you’re not used to rocky coastlines. The first couple of miles of the race, on the Annisquam, there are twists and turns that aren’t obvious at high tide, but will affect your speed. It can be worth paying attention to the buoys that indicate the deeper part of the channel. And don’t worry about being in last place–you’ll have lots of competition for red lantern honors.

I’ll be the guy falling out of the blue surfski repeatedly.



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Thanks so much for the info guys. I'll be the one in the black and red Epic. That narrows me down to about 50, right...LOL. Best of luck on Saturday. And Sanjay, I expect you to give Barton a run for his money in his new V10!


lobster buoys
If you avoid the lobster buoys you are less apt tp almost get run over by lobster boats. The finsh at gloucester harbor is the worst. I went straight thru and got nailed by many large boats.