Blackburn paddle

Cruising craiglist, I find for sale ad for 2 paddles.

One is a Bending Branches, decently priced at 60 bucks, in like new condition. Retail for over 100 bucks. Not interested; have several different models already.

Then I look closer at photos of the paddles. I hadn’t read the description of the 2nd paddle yet. I’m thinking, “Is that paddle what I think it is”???
If it is, that 40 dollar asking price “must” be a mistake made by the seller ???

Anyway, I start trying to make phone contact with seller; can’t let that slide without making sure.
If seller had 10 of them @ 40 bucks each; I’ll take all 10!!! When, where do you find a like new condition Blackburn Design paddle for 40 bucks???

Can’t make contact with seller; leave multiple messages. No return message…
Next day I get a return call. Nice guy, with not so fun message. Paddle had been sold. I’m thinking somebody jumped on that deal like white on rice, shortly after it hit Craigslist.

A tear trickles down my cheek…

Like the Rolling Stones song says, “You can’t always get what you want”!!!
Oh well; I don’t have to answer the wife’s question,
“Why do you need another paddle”???

Cause I wanted it; I needed it…
Sometimes we confuse want, and need.
I was not confused!

“I needed” that paddle!!!
It would have looked great as a companion for the Blackburn hanging next to my computer.


Wife once asked me, " just how many ____ do you need" . And without skipping a beat I replied, " 135" .

No I don’t have 135 “_____” s. But it sure shut down that discussion.

The Blackburn on the wall is the prettiest. The Bending Branches belongs in the boat shed. It shows too many production methods and lack of individuality (charactor)

I want. Just in case it goes missing…

You would have felt guilty for stealing that paddle for $40 anyway.

Probably not for very long…

Not as guilty as the first time my daughter offered me a bite of her ice cream cone, and I took about half of it in one bite.
She kept looking at her ice cream cone, and then looking at me. She was not happy!


I somehow think Bob does not possess guilt

Be kind; I helped you find your camera on the bottom of the river, after you pulled out of front of me, and I in my Whitesell bulldozed you…

Ah, how soon we forget…
Hope you two are well; have missed seeing you.


I was thinking of you but not of THAT incident which was entirely my own fault for exiting eddy without yielding to traffic… I remember our drawn out efforts to try and get a little orange camera that was seeable but not gettable. We got it. It worked. Lots of effort for a little Pand S ( or later POS) camera!