Exactly how far is it? To the mile.

I am trying to the gauge average speed of various boats entered.


Since it’s an open-water race there’s no such thing as an exact length. The race length depends on the line / course that individual participants take.

That being said, my unofficial measurements came up with an average distance of 17.75 - 18 nm, approximately equal to 20.4 - 20.7 (statute) miles.

thank you…
…that is close enough for my calculations…again, Thanks!

great race
My local race is same day but here are some tips. You might need to carry 4 qts of water, I prefer heed by hammer nutrition, Avoid lobster buoys and less apt to get run over by lobster boats. Please consider wearing a helmet to keep on your hat and shades or in case you must make rough surf landing. Last year ran out of water becasue so hot and platypus hydration bag leaked and was to dumb to check it before race. Make sure top is really on. The last mile is horrible so please consider elbows high and stay with other boats. LOve that race but once a year local race is same day.