Blackflies in the

I posted about this about a month ago, but was unable to make the trip that I had planned.

I may have the opportunity to go and do this trip next week…but now I am sure that it is the peak of black fly season.

How are the blacflies up there now? I imagine they are thick, but maybe it has been a light season…hopefully…

I woudl probably be doing a trip on Lowes Lake and maybe doing the Oswegatchie Traverse in conjunction. I imagine they woudl be thicker on the River, in which case I might limit my trip to the lake.

Do they go away after dark or are they out pretty much 24-7?

How about when it rains? Are they still out then?



from what is posted on the season is piddling.

I live in Maine in blackfly country. They started to come out in April but quickly disappeared since with the rainy cool weather. They need moving water to hatch and a little warmth. Its not been too warm here. I dunno, when it hits 75 or so all he** may break loose.

They are day biters only. They are activated by sun and deactivated by rain. I do know if the first hatch fails, a second third fourth and fifth will replace it and bite till the species is procreated sufficiently.

So…just go. Sure the Oswegatchie is more likely to be bothersome. BF don’t like a breeze. Camp out in the open on an exposed point if there is any question.

Now the mosquitoes seem to be worse than the elusive BF.


For more protection, put this over it:

And wear long sleeved shirts and long pants tucked in socks.

Don’t wear Navy blue, says Cliff Jacobson.

Smoke lots of cigars made in Ybor City.

All done with them.
I live just inside the Adk park.BF’s are always at their peak sometime in may.Thanks to the mild winter/early spring that’s all over with.On the other hand deer fly’s are rockin big time with skeeters about average.