Blackhawk Aerial Canoe

I have an eye on a solo blackhawk 15’ aerial fiberglass canoe. There isn’t much online about this model. The owner claims it only weighs like 35 pounds but I have read online that it weighs up to 50! However, I don’t know if they made this model with different types of materials. Anyway, could some provide some info on this canoe for me? Thanks much!

ah yes

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I think I may have seen the ad for that boat, looks nice.

So the owner said it weighed 35 lbs. Can anyone corroborate this or does it weight more?

Could be
35 or 50. Phil made several layups. 35 sounds a bit light to me as if I remember correctly it’s a combi. If it’s a concern have it weighed.

Hopefully the bob
will weigh in with the straight scoop

did you read the whole thread?
Mention was made of variable weights.

The Arial was made by a person and ten percent give and take is an acceptable variance in any hand made canoe

( there is no assembly line involved)

The Blackhawks were somewhat more vatiable than usual

But having seen that model it is definitely beautiful. I am skeptical of 35 lbs.

Sorry Kim, I missed the link

Blackhawk Ariel
Here’s the specs on the Ariel.

Overall length 15’ 1"

Waterline length 14’ 11"

Hull width 28.88"

Gunwale width 27.65

Depth at center 12.25"

Bow height 20"

Stern height 21.5"

Paddler weight Range(plus 70 lbs of gear 140 to 240 lbs.

Weight silver layup 42 lbs.

Weight gold layup 37 lbs.

Those weights are with the Sport package.

The ICS package is approximately 5 pounds heavier in both layups.

Have a problem with specs?

If so, don’t argue with me.

Specs quoted are from original Blackhawk brochure.


PS I own an Ariel; lovely little boat in my opinion.

Also own 6 or 7 other Blackhawk; sometimes I lose track of them. Put them inside & they’ll multiply!

The ICS system will raise weight

My Zephyr was 44 lbs with the ICS
system with both a seat and portage yoke installed. I have no recollection of whether it was the silver or gold construction.

I’m kind of doubting that Ariel weighs 35 lbs. Did the seller actually weigh it or are they just quoting from literature?

That is a nice looking boat.

More Blackhawks info…
The silver layup was a blend of E & S glass cloth in 4 weights and weaves.

The gold layup was Kevlar fabric by Dupont, and graphite for additional stiffness & strength.

The ICS system is called the Integrated Component System. Generally speaking, the ICS was an option available in what they called their “adventure series” solo canoes.

The 3 options of seating in the ICS were the flat cane seat, the canted cane seat, and the composite bucket seat. The flat seat was standard, but the canted cane seat & the composite bucket seat could be purchased for an additional charge. You could change the seating from one to another in a matter of minutes. Their were slotted modules on both sides of the seating area that facilitated the quick change.

Again, this information is directly from an original Blackhawk brochure.


Zephyr with ICS, in Silver layup, was noted as weighing 44 lbs by Blackhawk.

You & original brochure are “on the same page”.

You don’t paddle that canoe in those Illinois corn field ditches do you???


it had already been quoted by a prior
poster and I saw no need to bludgeon anyone with it…

I sold the Zephyr last summer.