Blackhawk Canoe Repair Question

I purchased a solo blackhawk canoe this summer and truly enjoy it.

However,I noticed that both the bow and stern bulkheads have leaked, probably by the wood gunnel/deck joint, the hull looks fine. I can hear water sloshing around when I move the canoe.

What is the best way to drain the water out? Is there a some type of small port I can install incase this happens again.


Are the bulkheads open-topped, and
filled with foam? If so, a long inversion and drying should remove the water. If they are sealed, how is all that water getting in?? You may have to remove the end decks to assess the situation, as any holes or vents could be under the end decks.

As I recall
from re-railing a tandem Blackhawk, the decks are not easily removed. Our hardware store carries some little screws or bolts with a rubber sleeve that expands when tightened. Might be something to plug a drain hole.

Kayak Drain Plugs

– Last Updated: Sep-08-15 11:10 AM EST –

Sealect Designs has kayak drain plugs for sale in blister packed pairs at most advanced paddlesport shops. Buy the appropriate sized drill bit and go for it; remembering the things need be placed to optimize draining when the hull is upside down.

I don't remember if Phil bored a small vent hole under the end decks to allow air pressure equalization or not, but his air tanks were mostly molded independently of the hull. Slight variations in hull lamination adversely effected fit. That was before we had methacrylate adhesives, so there was random tank leakage in BlackHawks and Lotus canoes. A bead of Plexus run around the tank edge after careful acetone cleaning usually solves the leak problem.