Blackhawk canoe

Hello…just wanted to post here, as am still looking for a Blackhawk small canoe, if anyone has any up for sale. Interested in either a Blackhawk Nighthawk, or a 11’7" small Shadow. Any leads, or anyone wanting to sell, or know of one for sale, would be greatly appreciated.



I had a Shadow 11.7 but sold it a few months ago. If I may ask, what size are you? It’s an awfully tender boat unless you’re quite a small person. I’m about 170 lbs and my Shadow 13 is perfect for me. The Shadow 11.7 was too small for my wife who’s about 135 lbs. The woman I sold it to is about 105 lbs and it’s a perfect fit for her.

Might want to try a PM through this board to gitchellbob. I know he has some Blackhawks and is usually willing to sell/trade. Don’t know if he has what you’re looking for though. Or wait - he keeps an eye on Pcom.

I’m a fit 180…but most people aren’t used to a freestyle boat…I am. I’ve paddled proems and lots of small boats freestyle for over 30 yrs. For tripping, a 13 foot boats fits the bill much better, as allows for carrying gear. But for just day paddling, I enjoy the smaller boats.


The little Blackhawk is definitely super-responsive. You must have a keen sense of balance! Good luck with your search. The Blackhawk 11.7 definitely doesn’t pop up very often. If you’ve never tried a decked canoe, they’re a ton of fun for day paddling, on flat water as well as white water. Even the old school plastic or fiberglass C1s are a blast. And they’re a lot cheaper and more available, at least around my part of the country.

Thanks…yeah, have been paddling freestyle about 30 something years… so just used to it. If that lady you sold yours too ever decides to sell…I’d be a buyer!


It’s a beauty. I’ll definitely let you know if she ever decides to sell.

Yeah…that is a. Beauty, I would great appreciate it!!