Blackhawk Canoes

I currently have an 18’ Blackhawk Commander canoe which has become too big for my shrinking family(kids off to College). I am having trouble determinig the value of this wonderful canoe. Any advice on how to appropriately value this canoe?

You didn’t say how old it is
but for what it is worth, that is a great canoe.

I sold a solo 13 footer two years ago for 400 or 500. and it was in just about perfect condition with a few scratches.

I would think that if it is in good shape somewhere between 600 and 700.



look for similar canoes in the Classified Ads (menu bar to the left) and adjust for condition, and local market - i.e. lots of, or hardly any “demand” in your local area

you can’t sell it
I have to believe that Blackhawks have started to slowly appreciate. I haven’t heard of a Commander. I would wonder how heavy the boat is…some Blackhawks are kind of chunky…and most customers want a boat that’s easy to handle. My buddy sold a 17 foot Watersmeet recently for $700 and it weighed a bit over 70 pounds and was just a family boat…not that hot. He actually sold two Blackhawks to a guy that was buying up Blackhawk boats (one was my fomer Ariel). If your boat is reasonably light and fast and has any mahogany on it, it could be worth $900-$1000…otherwise I’d agree with Jack that it should be worth at least $700.

Are you sure you can sell it without having bad dreams?

and how far away from Ann Arbor are you?



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Those boats are ugly to the bone!
I'm looking for a Zephyr that somebody bought new, used a couple of times, found to be a terrible boat, hung it in in their garage in disgust, and therefore it is still in near new condition. Would also consider a Shadow, and/or a Starship in like condition.
I'll give you 4 hundred for every Zephyr, Shadow, or Starship you can find for me in near new condition. Take advantage of me; I love paddling ugly boats!


P.S. Those Swift Osprey, Sawyer Summersong, and Old Town Northern Light canoes are even uglier than the Blackhawks! I'd probably give 3 hundred fifty apiece for them.

I bought a Zephyr a couple of years ago in beautiful condition for $800. It is a beautiful boat, sweet to handle, and well worth the money, I thought. The Wildfire, in Royalex, which I bought new for $900 looked as used after one outing as the Zephyr, and had none of the beautiful woodwork of the Zephyr.

Ghosts resurrected: DY Sp, Shock Wave,

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Summer Song, Legend, Texas Safari Saber, Cruiser, 190, 222, a few unknowns, a Loon-Kayak hybrid, Modified (deep hulled) Loon, and so on. I was standing amongst 50 of so plugs, molds and such of these just yesterday! Maybe you will see your favorite resurrected soon.

Happy Paddl'n!



I have a Blackhawk
It’s a Nighthawk. I’m asking $500. I’ve gotten dozens of calls on it but always too far away to close the deal.


I test paddled a 12 Blackhawk
a few years ago (the owner wasn’t sure of the model). It was a beautiful dark green with wood trim, very light weight, in excellent condition and way under priced at $200, but that thing was tippier than a popsickle stick balanced on a marble and my wife said that there was NO WAY she would let me buy that thing because every little movement looked like it would dump the paddler (me). I really liked the light weight and the adrenaline rush of keeping it right side up, but my wife was very emphatic about not buying it and me being precariously perched in that pretty paddler. She would be worried every time I was out in it. I almost bought it just because it was so underpriced and pretty to look at. The seller always paddled it sitting on the bottom on a pad instead of sitting on the factory seat. What an experience. If I found another one at that price I’d buy it anyway and sit on the bottom instead of the seat.

12 footer …
That might have been a Blackhawk Proem-85:

31 lb. weight

11’ 10" length

Hull: Fiberglass reinforced plastic

Seat: pedestal

Trim: mahogany

Color: beige

Designer: Pat Moore

Type: Solo sport/Cruiser(aka vest pocket cruiser)

Retail (l983) $685.00

You should have sneaked back after taking the wife home, bought it, and stashed it somewhere. Chances of finding another one at that price are probably slim to none.


It wasn’t a Proem.
I’ve paddled a Pat More Proem and this was a much different boat. Not designed for pedestal. I tried a Pat Moore Reverie 2 last weekend and I don’t like their pedestals. The stock seat in this Blackhawk was a web seat with adjustable tilt via having the front hanger/spacer in or out. This boat felt like it was under 30lbs and that’s what the lady told me. She said that she talked to the factory and they made it and they sold her a boat to meet her requirements - mainly light weight.