Blackhawk Covenant for first solo.


I’m looking to buy my first solo canoe and there is a Blackhawk Covenant 115 available locally. It is fitted with a nylon web seat and is 14’9". I mostly paddle smaller streams. Would this be a decent choice or does it track too much/ turn too slow for this purpose. There is not much info available on this boat it seems.

Any help would be a plus, Thanks.

Put “Blackhawk Covenant Canoe”
into the google search function, and you’ll get more info, though you’ll have to sort through a lot of comments about other Blackhawk canoes.

On the one hand, Pat Moore usually designed in enough turning ability into his canoes. They aren’t ultra hard tracking.

On the other hand, I think you’ll want to paddle it in a kneeling position to have the leverage for turning on small streams. Pat generally paddled kneeling, and his solo designs reflect that.

CE Wilson owned a Covenant and said it had a kneeling pedestal on tracks. Yours has a webbed seat. Can you tell whether it was made that way, or was it a modification by a previous owner?

I would be wary about this boat

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The Covenant came only with a pedestal seat and was made to be paddled kneeling. I don't know if the rails could handle a regular webbed seat. How is this seat installed? Do you have pictures?

Read this thread where I asked for more information about the Covenant after I saw one for sale at Hemlock Canoes:

The Covenant in ???
Somebody evidently “pulled the trigger” on the Covenant in question before the OP made their decision.


In my humble opinion, whoever took the pedestal out of that Covenant and installed a web seat rendered it almost useless. I suppose you could kneel and lean back against it, but I wouldn’t enjoy paddling a Covenant sitting on it, with center-of-gravity up so high.

The pedestal is so darn comfortable too.

Oh well.

I guess it must be this one
In Madison :

It sold.
Thanks for the effort but by the time I heard back from the seller on CL he had sold it.

Dave Curtis has
a fine Covenant in fabulous condition and with comfy pedestal. See his “Used & Demo canoes”:

Pedestals and extended tripping
with portages?

I can’t imagine portaging this more than once… not to speak of portaging with a pack six or seven times a day.

The cane seat can be useful for kneelers. I personally like my canoes to be useful for tripping as well as day outings. No doubt there is control in a pedestal but I like to move…sometimes transverse…

The pedestal is removable
So it won’t get in the way of shouldering the boat. Yes, it’s one more item to carry, but it is very lightweight.

I cant imagine portaging the pedestal

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nor shouldering the boat either for one or two miles while wearing a pack. I suspect that is why the boat that is now sold had a cane seat.

Which also is quite comfortable.

Extremely light
pedestal. Slides back out of the way when shouldering. I’ve portaged a Proem with this pedestal countless times in the ADKs.