Blackhawk gelcoat color

Does anyone know the exact color that Blackhawk used on their original canoes? The sandstone or beige color? Can custom mix it, but wondered if anyone knew if they custom mixed it, or used an off the shelf color from a certain brand. Doing repairs on a proem, and want to match exactly their color.


Even if we did know the exact gelcoat tint used on the Proem some thirty years ago, it would not match your boat. Gelcoat color changes with time and fades… You are better off making your own mix.
If you are talking about the painted interior, the same color change happens.

Yeah…was just wondered if anyone knew the brand and exact color they used. Dont think they custom mixed it each time. But your right about UV fade…just thought would be good to start close to original as possible. I can match it, just takes longer to keep adjusting.



You might call Dave Curtis at Hemlock canoe. Hemlock/Curtis also offer a lovely sand color (not sure if it matches Blackhawk) plus Dave knew and paddled with the Blackhawk founder so if anyone can help you it might be Dave.

Thats an outstanding idea! Not surr why I didnt think of that…have spoken to Dave several times myself, and knee hebwas involved with Blackhawk. Will give him a shout. Thanks for that idea.


Here are a few pics of it: