Blackhawk Proem?

Just noticed one in the Classifieds. Thought Pat Moore made that one? Always wondered about that “Fishform,” weight-forward design. Anyone paddle one? Just musing about a boat I can remember reading about decades ago. WW


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The Proem, aka Proem-85 was designed by Pat Moore, and was built by Blackhawk Canoes in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Weight: 31 lbs
Length: 11'10"
Gunwale width: 26"
4" Waterline width 24 1/2"
Bow height: 16 1/2"
Stern height: 16"
Center depth: 11"
Hull: fiberglas reinforced plastic
Color: beige
New Cost: Approx. $685.00

The Proem is widest about a foot forward of center. The waterline is concave over the first few feet rather than convex like most canoes.
The bow quarters are extremely flared. The stern, if you can call the last 7 feet of an 11 foot hull the stern, tapers over its length to a tall, fine & straight sided stern. The sheerline is very strong, with tall stems making the center look shallow. The Proem has a pedestal seat.

A touchy boat to board. Its scanty width & the pedestal seat combine to make one cautious.
It is "somewhat erratic" due to the complex hull shapes employed. The diminutive size allows "good paddlers" to turn the boat radically, or carve smooth turns. The pedestal's height will probably "not" suit most paddlers. Most paddler's rear ends will be "above" the gunwales. Somewhat affected by wind due to height of bow/stern. Supplemental knee padding will be a "must" for most paddlers. No provisions were made for attaching bow & stern painters to the bow/stern for cartopping. The canoe has 2 thwarts.
The boat was promoted as a "vest pocket cruiser"; storable in an apartment or other small place by an urban paddler.

Better have your game face, and your pfd on if you get a chance to test paddle a Proem, and don't have excellent paddling skills.

A very small "niche" boat that didn't "catch on".


P.S. Terry, anytime you're ready; my 13' Blackhawk Nighhawk & my 2 Blackhawk Shadow 11'7" models are ready for you to test paddle. I still have that Dagger Sojourn you loved so much, and my Perception HD-1 is a hoot too.

A bit small for my large arse, ‘eh? Figured an 11’ hull would be. I had no delusions it would be a solo boat for me, but I was just curious about the boat. I remember how I looked and felt like a Fisher Price “Weebil” trying to paddle a little Bell Bucktail (LOL)! WW

Proem is a German brand of spam.

Good one (LOL)!

Weebil in a Bucktail…
Damn! That was funny Terry!

And wife says you are droll & have no sense of humor…



The Proem’s not that bad, Bob…
I test paddled paddled one with no problems, probably about 15 years ago. I think it was my 1st time paddling a solo canoe and I had very minimal skills, but I’m just 5’6" and was about 145 lbs back then.

My main issue was the way the edges of the pedestal cut into my inner thigh. Ouch!

You should buy the Proem offered for sale.

Then, 6 months from now, when you get tired of it, you could sell it to me cheap.

Where would you use it, if you did buy it?

What percentage of solo canoe paddlers do you think are 5’6" tall or under & 145 lbs or under?

How many under 12 foot canoes do you have in your fleet?

Speaking for me personally; I’d love to have one, I think it would be a hoot to play with. Don’t think the average paddler would agree.


I wouldn’t buy it, because I wouldn’t
paddle it. I prefer the solo canoes that I already have.

I have owned a Proem, originally made by BalckHawk and Pat I believe, for many years. I like it a great deal. I paddle it in and around Atlanta. Great trick boat. I love to put whitewater guys in it and watch them turn over leaving shore or the dock :wink: Good final stability, initial stability, not so much. Can get up to hull speed in a couple strokes. The old saddle I got with the boat had some problems, mine now has a foam saddle.