BlackHawk Shadow 11'7"

They were very popular in their day, than passed from the scene with BlackHawk’s lamented demise, but who would fit the little boat today?

I’d give it a try.
I’ve got a little extra capacity in my flashfire.

Who would fit the little Shadow?

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I think that the little Shadow could serve a light weight paddler much like any other 12 foot pack boat. And do it quite cheaply too.

Yes, it is an old, and dated model canoe.
No, it it not the perfect canoe model for "everyman".
Which new canoe is?


I had one many years ago
I regret ever selling it.

It was a marvelous little gem

Jack L

Little gem…
The reason I still have both of mine.

One white, and the other an egg shell blue.




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Turns out it's Teal in well cared for shape and already has a new home.

Didn’t know one was available.