Blackhawk Shadow canoe

Does Blackhawk Canoe still exist, is so under what name?

Will someone please give me a run down on the Blackhawk Shadow 12’ canoe.



I don’t know the Blackhawk boats, but
From what I’ve read here, they are all desirable finds. If you’ve located one for dirt cheap and it’s in good shape, You might snag it and figure out exactly what it is afterward. collects them, he may be along in a bit. Others here know about them too including Charlie Wilson.

The Shadow is a small boat for small
paddlers. will be along with more info.

Fine boat for the smaller paddler
its a good catch. Phil Siggelow has passed on alas.

One of my students who is petite has really refined her paddling to a marvelous degree with the Shadow(hers is actually 11’7")

of Janesville, WI, went out of business far too soon, some years back. Nice designs.

I had a Shadow 14 and my friend has a Shadow 13 which was a popular freestyle boat before the Bell Star series came along.

I think the smaller ones (I know they made a Shadow 11 and din’t know about a Shadow 12) are more rare.

Blackhawk is long gone and they made great boats…great style, usually great build quality, and great performance. They are a bit skinnier than average which makes them “hot” even compared to modern boats.

If you fit the boat I recommend that you grab it!

Blackhawk Shadow…

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Just got back from 3 day river trip about an hour ago, or I'd have chimed in sooner.

A "general" date I've heard for the demise of Blackhawk canoes is 1995. I have never seen a "specific" date in print.
The owner of Blackhawk canoes, Mr. Phil Sigglehow, passed away last year.

Recently I have seen several references to Blackhawk canoes & their "collectibility". I usually hear that term from people who use to own a Blackhawk, or currently own a Blackhawk, and are offering it for sale. Some people equate collectibility with higher value.......It is collectible; therefore it "is" valuable. It is a collectible; therefore it is going to cost "you" more. It is collectible; therefore you are going to have to pay "me" more for it! Many people who deal in collectibles & antiques do not consider an item as collectible unless it is a minimum of 25 years. To qualify as an antique, 50 years of age is often considered the minimum.
By that criteria Blackhawk canoes are not antiques, or collectibles. Sellers are most often the ones using the term collectible.
I like some Blackhawks canoes, but collectibility, "in my opinion", is in the eye/mind of the beholder.

That being said, more info. will follow on the Shadow series.


One of two

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There have only been a couple solo canoes dedicated to size 4 and 6 creatures: The Curtis MayFly and the BlackHawk Shadow 12; really 11'7" or so.

Most of the Curtis's, first built in 82, were made in Kev and most Blackhawk Shadow 12's, which came in the early 90s, were glass, so the boats didn't really compete. Neither was very successful, but the little Shadow certainly outsold the Mayfly, mostly cause it was way cheaper.

[Why do men buy their women price pointed gear when they really want them to enjoy a ~new, outdoor activity? A glass Shadow/ MatFly was nearly 30lbs, a kev version of either ~22! Whatever.]

The sole boat still in the niche is Pb's DD SpitFire, but none has ever been made, so we can infer that small women, already a small proportion if the population, are even more poorly represented in the paddlesports world.

So it goes.


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A Blackhawk sales brochure I have lists the following lengths available for Shadows:

Shadow 11'7"
Shadow 13'
Shadow 14'6"
Shadow 15'8" "SS Special"

I have seen some "old" Canoe magazine Buyer's Guides that list the Shadows lengths at the numbers above, and also at:


There may actually have been Shadows that were made at those lengths, but until I have concrete proof, I'm going to accept what was printed in a Blackhawk brochure as the gospel.
I think what the original poster may have is a Shadow 11'7" model.
If the original poster would like to see some photos of what "is" an 11'7" Shadow for comparison, I can provide the poster with photos of mine.


P.S. I think one should buy canoes that they enjoy owning & paddling, not because they are, or may some day be collectible. But, to each his/her own........

What does DD stand for?
none of what comes to mind seems to fit…

Double Diamond
We, Joe now, I’ve retired, add a second diamond in the center and a double weight belly band to re-enforce the seat that is hung from the rails.

Congratulations on your retirement.

wonder how long that will last

Worth repeating,
[Why do men buy their women price pointed gear when they really want them to enjoy a ~new, outdoor activity? A glass Shadow/ MatFly was nearly 30lbs, a kev version of either ~22! Whatever.]

Extremely important guys!

I put my Marilyn in a 21 lb. Savage River and lo, these 7 years later, nothing can pry her away from it. All those stares from people when she lands, picks it up and carries it out of the water BY HERSELF, don’t hurt either.

Also got her a carbon, crank-shaft Lendal kayak paddle to deal with carpal tunnel issues and help her feel more secure in windy conditions. Cost triple what I ever spent on my own paddles. But with it she is comfortable and happy, without it she is reluctant to go out.

I say, put your women in the lightest and best, if you want them to continue paddling with you for long.


Great Designs
The Blackhawk canoes were great designs and the tandem called the Phantom was a very fast boat. Phil Sigielkow ran the company and then left to pursue other interests including composite motorcycle parts. He then went to work at QCC kayak and added a lot to their production knowledge and design. Sadly, Phil passed away about a year ago. He was a fgantastic guy and contributed a lot to the sport of canoeing, did many DEMO Day road shows and helped rebuild the awareness of solo canoeing.


Which Savage?

Which Savage River boat model does she paddle?


Savage River Otegan.