Blackhawk Shadow


Have a couple of must go appointments today, so I won’t have time today to mess with getting the boat in question out of my "loafer’s she where it resides with multiple other “oldies by goodies”. Tomorrow I will be acting as driver for my better half on an all day roadtrip.

I will make a concerted effort to get some photos of the boat in question, this weekend. Photo I’ve sent is older photo.
Boat hanging on left (Nighthawk w/pedestal was sold a couple of years ago). The other 2 boast are small Shadows; one was sold. I still have one left; think it may be the one on the top? I’d call it’s condition as “near new”.


Looks good Bob…when you get back, just let me know a price. Of you are interested in the Blackhawk paddle, can do a swap as part of price, but if not, no worries.


Bob…was looking at pics of the Shadow. Quick question…are the flotation chambers removable, or permanently fixed to the hull? Looks like they were made to go under the handles on each end. Was wondering if their held in by handles mounted on top of them. My cedar strip had no flotation, and kind of think canoes look cleaner without them. Just curiois…


Going to try to get some photos today…
Don’t know how they are going to turn out?
The boat is suspended from ceiling, and is about 9 feet above ground level. It has boats beside it; underneath it are more boats. Getting it down is a major operation; requiring moving multiple boats out of the way to get it down, and then moving all of the boats back into place.
I’m going to have to get up on a ladder to get photos of inside and outside of hull, seat, gunwales, etc.
I’ll do the best I can, but not going to go thru the whole process of getting it down, outside, and then back in place.

Enclosed are photos of another Shadow I restored.
Flotatation area is visible.


Blackhawk Shadow (before pics) #3

Blackhawk Shadow 11.7 feet


Bob…yeah, no worries. No need to get it down…just snap a couple of pics is fine. Are the flotation cells permanent, or can they be removed? Have you thought about price? We can discuss on the phone if you like…no need to do publicly here.


Bob…here is my info:
Cell #256-735-8576


Emailed a lot of photos; did you get them?


No Sir…nothing yet. Did you send to my email? Or here…

To email,
Will try again.
Ever hear of a “wall of confusion”?
That is the state of things here today.


Haha…that where I stay! I’m not going anywhere…this is a photo of the Lake I live on in Northern Alabama. The foothills of the Appalachian mountains.