Blackhawk Starship?

Like I need another canoe but…

The name and the builders rep intrigue me.

Can anybody tell me anything about this boat beyond that it’s 15’ 10" x 28" and a solo canoe?

Always wanted to paddle the Milky Way.


Pat paddles one. I have been in it. If you like a long fast canoe–the Starship is it. Nice construction, very nice looking, excellent seat assuming it has the adjustable one in it. If you are expecting to run it on twisty streams you had better practice. It’s doable, Pat does it–he’s a better paddler than me.

I hope Pat will chime in here. I saw the add, if I did a lot of slower water, meandering rivers, lakes etc. I would pick that one up quick.

At least that’s my opinion…

The Starship

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Hopefully, Pat Cannon, who owns a Starship, will give you the scoop. I've paddled his, but am not as qualified as he to discuss its merits, or shortcomings.

I will say this about Blackhawks Canoes; they are unique, and they were well made. I base this on ownership of 2 Blackhawk Ariels.

Here are some stats on the Starship:
Length 15' 10"
Bow height 17"
Depth at center 13"
Stern height 13"
Waterline width 26"
Molded rail width 27"
Widest hull width 28"
Hull shape: assymetrical "V" bottom, cambered keel line, flared bow & stern, low windage stern
Weight: Sport Gold 41 lb.
Sport Silver 46 lb.
ICS(Integrated Component System) Gold 45 lb.
ICS Silver 49 lb.
ICS Pure Gold 55 lb.
High volume solo, tripping canoe.
Superb performer when loaded to capacity and has lightness, agility and good manners when fully laden. The key to maneuverability and tracking is Blackhawks exclusive cambered keel line. A Starships environment is in water systems like the Boundary Waters, Steel, Noatak, McKenzie, et al. (Blackhawk Canoe brochure l988)


P.S. I am seeking a Blackhawk Zephyr, a 13.2 foot Shadow or a 14.6 foot Shadow. Must be in "primo" condition; have cash will travel for the right boat, or boats.

More second-hand info

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Okay, I'm the third person to say that Pat (PJC) paddles a Starship. I've paddled with Pat quite a few times and I can say this much. The Starship is one seriously graceful solo tripper that is very well built and pretty to look at. I'll say this too. Pat is the only solo canoer I've gone on trips with who can keep up with my guide-boat (in all cases, that's been with both of us are carrying a load of camping gear). That's not to say there are not other solo canoes (or paddlers) that can do that because there are, but at least this shows that the Starship is definitely faster than the average solo canoe. I think it would be a superb solo tripper for places like the Boundary Waters, though that brings up one small weakness - the Starship doesn't thrive in high waves (but on smaller waters where the waves don't get big, its low profile would be an advantage in strong wind).

Check out this photo of Pat's Starship on a very windy day on the Wisconsin River:

I saw the add too.
I have a Sawyer Summersong and was wonder how differently or similar the two boats would handle unloaded. I’m still learning the Summersong.

Thanks for posting that picture of Pat; great boat & a great guy to have as a paddling partner.

Pat will soon be adding a beautiful, blue, wood trimmed, Blackhawk Ariel to his fleet. It is as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than the Starship, in my humble opinion.


Who was the lucky buyer of this boat?
It’s no longer advertised on How do you like it?