Blackhawk Zephyr possibility

There is a used one for sale ($950) on but I’m thinking that is a lot of trouble, since I can’t test it (it’s 3000 miles away), and likely too small for me since I’m 6’3 and 200 pounds. No?

I put a lot of miles on a Zephyr and I’m a little over 6 feet and was maybe 185, so 200 pounds with a day pack and paddles. It’s a HOT, low volume canoe. It’s small and shallow. You’d HAVE to kneel for stability and that might not be enough given your height. It’s not a good first canoe except maybe for a small person. But it’s a very special hull design that still performs well compared to the latest designs.

wouldn’t be my first canoe but would be my first one in a while. Just knowing myself, if it is marginal, I would spend every waking hours second guessing whether I should have sought out the bigger model…