I was wondering if anyone knows where I could get some decals for a old Blackhawk I am wanting to restore

Is it the Blackhawk bird (that was used amidships) or the older canoe bow sticker?

I have the former and perhaps can make the former if I can get a tracing.

here’s the hawk

How about the logo for the erstwhile
Chicago steak house, with the spinning salad?

Blackhawk decals
It is the one on the both sides of the bow

and it also has one that has the name and the number 15 then where the co. was located I have pics and measurements

I was also wondering what the seats would have been made out of and the color seems to be an Olive drab green

that’s for kayaks
don’t be silly

Not just for kayaks…

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The Chicago restaurant with the spinning salad bar logo would look great on a Genesis.
You should try one on yours EZ.



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A picture of your Blackhawk would be nice........

Most of the seats in my Blackhawks are made of ash, or a combo of ash & mahogany.


PS I have never seen an olive drab Blackhawk.
They did have a glossy green color they used.
Perhaps the boat you have was originally that color, and over time has faded.

Just as a matter of form, perhaps it would be wise to contact the folks who now claim to have the molds and are supposedly planning to go into production with them. It is a trademark we’re talking about, after all. Granted the company is out of business and what we’re talking about is pretty much a restoration project - it would be like making a new “Ford” logo for your model T if you can’t find an original. I don’t really think there’s anything immoral about that, but trying to give due diligence to to the current owners of the trademark wouldn’t be a bad idea, IMHO.

I know someone who has a Zephyr with that logo. If I can get in touch with them and make a tracing I think I wouldn’t have a lot of trouble getting it cut in vinyl. I’m assuming it would be the same gold color they use for stern trim stripes?

As far as seats go, does your seat sit on sliding rails built into the sides of the canoe (what they called the ICS system)or are they hung in more conventional style? I have two with the ICS and both have ash seats with walnut risers on the rear, walnut side rails and a mahogany front edge on one and walnut on the other. Do you know what model Blackhawk you have?

Thanks Bob for the info, I would like to add pictures but I am not a paddling Perks member

My Starship

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is glossy olive green and it has the old gold logo on either side of the bow. I just did a pencil rubbing of it (not a tracing, it's not a decal, but a raised logo-don't know what you call it)and I can mail it to you if you think it might help. Just PM me with your address.

Two dimensional adjustable seat
I love the idea of that two dimensional adjustable seat. Please let me know what material it is made of. Also, anyone know of a source that would sell them, to add onto another brand solo boat? Thanks

I think…
I think you are out of luck finding anyone selling the adjustable (ICS) seat found on some Blackhawks. I may be wrong, but I think that was a Blackhawk innovation.

Be happy to hear if you find a source; wouldn’t mind having a couple of them myself.

Never saw one offered for sale anywhere, and never saw one mounted in a canoe other than a Blackhawk.


I assume it is made out of fiberglass. I could fabricate one in wood, but it would be too heavy. Maybe a business opportunity when I retire? Cheers, Dave

Don’t have a Genesis. I paddle a
Wet Exodus.

Not quite the same

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but here's a seat set up that could perhaps be modified to give you a second height option. (Scroll down to seat plans) If a second set of horizontal rails were run between the front drop and stacked on a spacer in the rear, perhaps tied to the rear drop with a side block? It might be a fun project to try.

Goodness gracious…
That Green Valley Kite is an absolute beauty!