Blackwater NWR, Maryland

Any suggestions for this location? I’m sure that Mike McCrea knows every slough by heart, but my friends and I will be paddling touring kayaks and we will not be in the mood for mud-slogging! (No offense meant, Mike)

I have ordered the watertrail maps, I’ll have my trusty GPS receiver and compass, but is is really so confusing that a guide is needed as suggested? And has anyone used any of the local guide services?


I have put in at the 335 bridge and gone

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west (not east... never follow a duckhead) (not into the refuge). There is more than enough to see on this side and you won't need a guide. I saw multiple bald eagles, sitka deer, herons and a host of other wildlife I do not know by name (including a bald fisherman). The actual river channel is much easier to follow on this side, I would not go into the refuge without a REALLY good map, compass and gps, it is VERY confusing. The water is very shallow and black (caused by tannins from decaying bio-mass). You will only have 6-8" water visability and will find yourself running aground 100' from shore without warning.

There is a small lot @the 335 bridge that has parking for 10 or so vehicles.

Blackwater River @ Rt. 335 bridge
Do you mean west from the Rt. 335 bridge instead of east? East will bring you into the refuge.