Block Rubber repair question...

-- Last Updated: Apr-15-09 10:30 AM EST --

the rudder rest on my Perception Eclipse 17 has a broken leg; there is a pad the screw goes through, which leads up a block leg to the body of the rest...

(Think fibula/tibula)

Is there an adhesive that wil make a strong bond on 1/4 inch thick rubber?

(Did a search on rubber repair; no posts in the last year).

Not visualizing your problem well, but
a couple of possibilities are use of several bicycle tube patches, stacked, or a mixture of fibers and Aquaseal. If these don’t make sense, help me visualize your problem.

Same thing about seven or eight…
years ago on “the brides” shadow, and I used epoxy.

I know epoxy isn’t supposed to work with the rubber, but it has held all these years…

Don’t you know you are not supposed to try and work the rudder when it is nested in that keeper!



Gee Jack Really?..
j/k…I fixed it last night…Butyl adhesive and a bicycle patch…and for reference, the Boat is so new to me I haven’t gotten it wet yet…bought it used last Saturday night…been cleaning, repairing the rudder rest, blown rigging eyes, and a duct taped backrest…

This coming Saturday, it gets a true workout!

5 min epoxy
Most rubbery black things are not rubber but plastic compounds If it was mine I would use 5 min epoxy or Aquaseal.

Sounds like my Eclipse.
If it is the old model, it is a great boat.

I still use mine for down river kayak races where I don’t mind bashing rocks.

My seat back is just about 100 percent duct tape, but I see no reason to do anything to it except replace the duct tape as it wears.



try 'Barge Cement’
it is some bomber stuff used by most folks to resole Birkenstock sandals and climbing shoe sole rubber. I’ve used it to glue all kinds of materials including various rubber materials and the stuff works awesome. Just clean both surfaces and apply some to both surfaces being glued, and let sit for around 15 minutes. Then mate surfaces being bonded for a cure time of 24 hours for max bonding.