Bloody Boot: Is it bear bait?

Banged my leg on a rock and received a minor cut on my shin. But you’d never have known it was minor, there was so much blood I was worried I’d bleed out. But within the five minutes it took be to sit down and roll up my pants, it already stopped bleeding.

The blood got in and on my hiking boot. I’m sure the exterior can be cleaned up, but blood also got on the soft material of the inner tongue and cuff where it can not just be wiped off. I’m worried that if camped in bear country the dried blood will be a bear attractant.

Any suggestions for cleaning? Or, should I just toss the boots, which I’d hate to do because they are in otherwise good shape and hiking boots are pricey?


Doesnt peroxide remove blood stains?

silly bears
I’m fairly certain bears are not attracted to the scent of blood. Had you spilled tuna on your boots, that may be a cause for concern.

Happy trails!

Bear bait

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is mostly old Dunkin Donuts or the ilk.Bears are omnivores.
Hunting lodges use sweets for bear bait.

Hydrogen peroxide would get the blood out. In my long EMS career I have had many bloodstains on clothing so I am certain of that.

You could really confuse an Englishman .
… with talk like that, referring to your “bloody boot” and all. Naturally, that’s a shoe that you don’t like, right?

… ouch again !!

Dang, Chip!
Looks like it raised a pretty good welt too!

Idunno - do you think your blood smell overcomes your sweaty foot smell? :wink:

I’ve had my boots fairly covered in deer or elk blood, and never had any problem with 'em attracting bears. Mice and raccoons are another story. When we were kids, a raccoon once took a bite out of my sisters flip-flop that she left outside at camp. No blood or other bait that I recall.

Pretty sure that nothing brings in a bear better than fish smell - except maybe pastries with fruity filling.

I mean, REALLY???

Peroxide worked for my carpet
I recently had an odd accident at home, where I stepped on a toothpick that was sitting point-up in the thick kitchen carpet. The darn thing went in quite deep and when I took it out blood sprayed forcefully out. I suppose it hit a small artery. It was amusing to watch for a few seconds, but the mess was getting bigger by the second so I quickly pressure bandaged it and it stopped bleeding very soon.

Liberally soaking with peroxide (brown bottle from CVS is what I used) and wiping with paper towels as much of the moisture as I could removed all the blood stains completely.

Fruity stale pastries
and bruin

Keep it out of the ocean.
The boot may not attract bears, but sharks are another matter.

this guy had blood on his boot

As a friend used to say, with a wry smile, “you ain’t right.”

Did that really happen? Looks impossible.


it’s leighrobin using pilot’s side of pc
no booze, i’m pretty sure it’s a fake. there are a few different camera angles and vids of that same kid getting swallowed.

i was at sea world with my youngest some time back. we actually saw the trainer get swallowed during the show. we were like" where’d the guy go?" eventually, a different person came out to finish the show.

i don’t think people were totally aware of the situation at the time or the audience would have freaked out more.

do you really want to…
take a chance?

Nice welt
Had one like that after a collision at the plate. Resulted in a bone bruise that too a very long time to heal (months).

As for the blood I would think that gentle cleaning and sweat will eliminate any blood scent in a fairly short time. Heal quickly.


Peroxide cleaned it up pretty well
I used peroxide to clean the inner boot. As was posted, it made it easy to tell where the blood, vs. normal dirt, was because it foamed up on blood spots and not on other dirt. Repeat dampening with peroxide and blotting with sponge got the boot relatively clean, but still less than pristine.

You hear about bears ripping into tents to get at things like toothpaste or a granola bar somebody forgot to take out of their pocket. I know a lot of it is bear hype, but when I am out by myself and nobody else is around, those stories play with my mind. I think I may leave the boots in a dry bag away from the tent the next few times I camp in bear territory.

The welts reduced almost immediately. They were gone the next morning. The cut is well along towards healing.


Raccoon Risk
Once when we were in Canada at a lodge, a raccoon or fox took my wife’s orange paddling shoe off the back deck. When I went to the office to report the missing shoe, a woman who was checking in said she had just seen an orange shoe in the middle of the road about a mile out of camp. I walked down the road and there it was - a little chewed but no worse for wear.

It wasn’t a bloody boot … but it may well have had traces of tuna salad and/or Dunkin Donuts.