Blue barrels ...

The barrels, both 30 and 60 liter are plastic. Has anyone ever had luck painting them? Krylan has a paint that sticks to plastic, just wondering if anyone ever paints them or not. No real reason to do it, I just hate looking like every one else, desire to be a bit different is all.

Never tried paintin’
Ah’ gots yeller half sections of pool noodles ducked tape ta mine so as ta stop dem fro’ rollin’ around.


Painting your barrels
Yep, you can do it w/Krylon or Rust-o-leum’s plastic specific paint. Here’s a link to the Dane County, Wisconsin Rain Barrel program. As you’ll see, their barrels are just bigger versions of the ones that we use. They’ve held a contest through last summer to encourage painting/decorating the barrels. Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration here.

Maybe Brammy has been
to LaVerendrye…a great canoeing park.

Thunderboxes are just 60liter barrels cut down a little (the bottom cut off) with a square hole in the lid. So blue identifies a toilet.

The lid rim hurts to sit too long. (No the clamp is removed!)

It might be good bear protection. I dont know if bears see blue but people who put their blue barrels next to the blue potty never have trouble.

Try Chemtronics. I saw this stuff used
on rusted metal railing inside a spa when the spa was in use.

Hey mckennaroad,
Thanks for the link! I was going to emial you, but this will suffice. I sure enjoyed meeting you and seeing your excellent Bob!! I appreciate your time and company.


Great fun, Brammy…
And that Bob is ready for a paddle when you are!