Blue Highways of the Inside Passage For Your Consideration

With access to the British Columbia coast becoming a reality some of you may be busy planning Inside Passage trips. For your consideration I have posted some possible route revisions on my blog covering waters between Queen Charlotte Sound and Prince Rupert. Some are only minor wrinkles while others are more significant. We are not talking about an “Outside Guidebook” here but some ideas gleaned from my own coastal journeys that I think are worthwhile.

Since it was written over 5 years ago a couple of things need revision and I will get to them as soon as possible. For instance:

  • A tree fell on the roof of the Heiltsuk cabin at Gale Passage and the cabin may not be available. There is, however, plenty of space for tents.
  • I have heard that tour groups are using Islet 48 as a base so camping there may not be as pristine as I have advertised. There are still plenty of other camping opportunities in the South Bardwells.
  • From what I have gathered the results of the Nathan E. Stewart grounding and fuel spill in October 2016 damaged local aquaculture but has not made the stay at Gale Passage unpleasant.

Take a look and see if any of this resonates and is helpful. Each part is short and links to the next section of coastline. I call them Blue Highways.

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I’ll never be there but thanks for being helpful to other paddlers.

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