Blue Hole 16ft(MGA) Need help

I just bought a old Blue Hole 16ft canoe with the serial number MGA 02848. Does any one have have any info on this canoe. How old is it, how much is it worth? It is in pretty good shape considering the age. Thanks in advance for your help.

Mike Galt model A
Blue Hole’s cruiser canoe. The first royalex boat designed to be paddled without the assist of a downriver current. A bit wide with all the flare in the hull, but very dry, very stable in rough water, and a nice paddling hull.

For me a better paddling canoe that the more famous Mad River Explorer. Build quality was excellent, and the wood trimmed MGB was a beautiful hull. Trim was done by Merrimac Canoes.

Value, hard to say. But a boat with a solid hull and trim of the MGA’s capabilities should never fall below $400.


Blue Hole 16ft(MGA) Need help
Thanks that is helpful. Any idea on the year?