Blue Hole 17A

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Stopped by a yard sale this morning, and came home with this for $25.00. Knew nothing about Blue Hole until I came across this forum. Sounds like I did OK. Not pristine, but no major issues. One old repair that looks sloppy - I might re-do that. My wife and I enjoy our Wenonah Sprit II. (Kevlar) This one is much heavier, but she can still assist getting it on the wagon. Anyway, Thought I would check in as I may need advice down river on repairs etc. Hey, I have nothing to lose!

Stewartstown, PA

Blue Holes
Tough as nails, heavy as sin, and those aluminum gunwales will turn your hands black after paddling. But a great boat for river tripping if you don’t have to carry it to far, or if you just plan to abandon it at the take out.

And you only paid 32 cents a pound for it!

If nothing else, it is a cheap alternative to paddling your Spirit II; saving it from some wear & tear.

Ideally(due to it’s weight), you’ll be paddling it on a river where you are very close to the river when you put in & take out.

They were built to take a lot of abuse.

Don’t think you’ll have a lot of problems getting your money back, if & when you decide to sell it.