Blue Hole Canoe

A curiosity question that will not affect any use of my canoe. I recently bought a Blue Hole 17A canoe made in Sunbright TN. The Blue Hole Decal is pretty badly faded. Does anyone know if there is anywhere to get a replacement decal for this?

Thanks for any information.

Have some fun. Get a Pelican decal
and slap it on.

I remember once, back in the 80s, when a Blue Hole OCA 17 appeared at the NOC GAF sale. It was nealy new, but had an easy-to-repair hole caused by rebar in the river. We were all blue with envy that we did not get to that boat and buy it.

Quite a few years ago, I swapped
a guy, giving him my Corsica S WW yak for his Blue Hole Canoe.

I think we made that swap at the NOC annual OCT end of season sale.

The Blue hole was a fun canoe, and I could spin it on a dime.

Jack L

S was the best of the Corsicas.
Not that you should have kept it.

I paddled borrowed OCAs on several occasions. Paddled solo, they sat fairly light on the water and one could make them do many useful moves.

I’ve mentioned before that a friend of mine entered the “medium” class in the open canoe slalom nationals on the Nantahala, paddling an OCA, and he placed third in a field of more advanced whitewater boats. He also won the first Ocoee open canoe downriver event in an OCA. But he paddles an ME now.

You could try Evergreen but I doubt it.

Made some replacement s
for my Blackhawks. Is it one color? Vinyl?

I did a charcoal rubbing, scanned it, cleaned up the edges, used a photo retouch to get two sharply contrasting colors, and saved it as a Jpeg. With that Jpeg (or GIF, Bitmap, or whatever works with the vinyl cutter your local sign shop uses)you can cut replacements. It’ll come to you as a design in vinyl on a waxed paper backing with a layer of transfer tape over it. Goes on just like truck lettering.

I wouldn’t suggest doing that with anything that’s still available through a manufacturer though. Strictly for restoration purposes. Could be copyright problems.

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I appreciate the comments. It appears to be the answer I expected. I will have some fun and find something useful to use, even if it isn’t the original name decal.