Blue Hole OCA vs.17A

Is a 17A simply an OCA with an extra foot or so in the center?

Reason for the question is to know if styrofoam bow/stern flotation out of a 17A would be an exact fit for an OCA?

What a delightfully arcane question. I take it you actually have an OCA, a 17A, and styrofoam end flotation blocks? We must get together.

Don’t know the answer but since the OCA was just shy of 16 ft, my guess would be that the blocks would be close enough so that either they could easily be trimmed down a little to exact fit, or else they would be only a smidgen loose in the 17A.

Wow, again
Thanks for the trip in the time machine. I went to the BH shop (Sunbright, TN) to pick up my 17A and watched them mold them. Yeah, they just plugged the middle of the tool to get the additional length.

All true,

From the catalog
"Model 17A, at 17’3" in length, is simply a 1.5 foot longer version of our Model OCA. Most of the components found in model 17A are identical to those in model OCA, whith the exception of our use of a longer “blank” for the hull, longer gunwale extrusions and slightly extened mid-section thwarts."

By the way in 1979 the 17A cost $25 more than the $630 cost of the OCA.


thanks for the replies
I’m going to try to find room to pack a set 17A end floats to take along to



where they will find a wetter home in an OCA