Blue Hole OCB wood trim

I just bought one of these, serial number OCB-0003. it has been stored indoors, all original and hardly a mark on it. Never had skid plates installed. wood finish, Blue Hole decals - everything immaculate.

I have only seen the OCA and not familial with this wood trim variation. Can anyone tell me when it was made, what they go for in nice shape, and any other general history on this model. Are they somewhat rare? - I have never seen one before.


Blue Hole Wood Trim
Blue Hole did their own rugged aluminum trim, but farmed out the wood trim to Merrimack Canoe. It is some of the finest wood trim you will ever see in a production canoe. The laced seat, the inlaid decks.

All strong and functional pieces.


yes thanks.

it is beautiful wood trim for sure. the fellow o bought it from, purchased it from a close friend’s father’s estate sale. Supposedly the original owner was a close friend of the designer at Blue Hole and this boat was the first one sold - serial number 3.

I am guessing early 1980s?

Time frame
Early 80’s is close enough. it would take some achive research of old Blue Hole catalogs to spot what year the “B” versions were introduced. Randy Pew at Merrimack might remember when he started doing the wood trim for Blue Hole.

The absolute prettiest hulls were his versions of the rare composite versions of the Blue Hole MGB. the Mike Galt model “B”. Merrimack’s version had cherry wood ribs inlaid into the Kevlar Hull and mahogany gunnels, with inlaid decks. A steady seaworthy hull that was the best paddling hull to wear a Blue Hole or Merrimack badge. The best paddling rating is my flatwater/tripping rating; not the WW rating.